Cora in Paris

(from Club Caprice # 5, 1973)

In issue Nr.4 our our Club Caprice magazine we brought you an interview with CORA. We mentioned a corset show in Paris. In your interest, dear readers and friends of the club, our colleague E. Doenis was allowed to attend this event, which took place on the 28th and 29th of September, 1973. We bring his exclusive report for you.

With a light overcast, a warming autumn sun still shines over Paris. We just took a view of the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower; towards Larc de Triopmhe with its splendid avenues running in the form of a star; in the far distance the modern highrises of Neuilly; to the other side the Dome dInvalides; Notre Dame; to the Phantheon; towards Montmartre with the bright sunlight illuminating Scare-Coeur, much loved and much jeered.

Below, almost 300 hundred meters deep, we can see the Seine with its bridges and boats, beyond the Trocadero with its wide stairs, terraces and monumental buildings. All of that under the diffused light of an autumn day, a mood that you can only experience in Paris arou year: full of desire with a little bit of melancholy - and the sweet memory of the past summer.

We just left the steel cage elevators of the Eiffel Tower and we are walking over the Seine towards the Trocadero with our friends from Paris and CORA. We are climbing up the stairs to the Palais de Chaillot, turn around...

...and in the magic light of this Paris fall day catch sight of a unique silhouette: CORA in a skintight black catsuit, witha large hat, huge sunglasses, long leather gloves, boots up to the knee, and a patent leather belted waspwaist with the precise steelwork of the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Were taking pictures. And were not the only ones. All around us are tourists: English, Dutch, Japanese and certainly Germans. And they are taking pictures, too, not of Paris, but of CORA as a real Paris attraction.

Lunch: At Fouquets. Because of her extra tightly laced waist, poor CORA can only have a tiny bit. And then were running out of time. After all we want to present 10 costumes at 15 oclock starting time. Precicement!

The house is in one of the better parts of Paris, in the Rue Francois 1; a street running parallel to the Champs Elysees. We meet the other invited guests, just under two dozen people, in the salon of the house.

Nevertheless, in the early afternoon, the room is lit in a warm light of many sconces, the light breaks in the chrystal champagne glasses on the large buffet table and floods the sienna velour carpets, the luxurious furniture and the window ledges covered in heavy green velvet.

By the way, the curtains are closed, because right across the street are the fashion houses of Balmain and Courreges and you can look right into their windows, and vice-versa, and we don't like that much...

CORA is all ready in the dressing room, where she gets made up and laced in for the show.

Meanwhile we admire a valuable collection of historical corsets, which are arranged by the owner in another room. You can hear judgements full of expertise and other comments, mostly in French, English and German, with undeniable Swiss and Dutch accents. The crowd moves back into the salon, to sip sparkling champagne to calm down the impatience and excitement. Finally the time comes!

The door opens and CORA steps in — no, she appears. Its the feeling you would get if you were struck by lightning! That fascinating appearance leaves us breathless. Everything harmonizes, from the makeup to the hairstyle, and the costume with all its accessories, worn by this extremely unique figure. The slim, almost breakable waist, still female, with well rounded hips, and a very considerable bosom, with beautifully formed legs.

The costumes claim a lot of attention and are very nice to look at. CORA played things down in a big way when she talked to Sylvia regarding a simple corset show. Instead we witness a well organized and outstanding costume show.

You can see the strong erotic note in the different creations. There is a wide spectrum of appeal — to the the pure aesthete, to the tightlacing fetishist, to the flagellant and most of all to the lover of the bizarre.

Certainly in none of the models presented is the corset missing. A very dominant theme in some, in other ensembles it is almost the only component. For example, the outfit CANDY which is presented by CORA right now: It reaches from the hops to right under the breasts, a very close fitted corset made from black satin. Details are embroidered with a soft pink velvet ribbon, and the back is laced with pink satin ribbon. A black net catsuit fits skintight over her body. Black nappa leather gloves and patent leather high heels with ankle straps. Around the neck a wide, close fitted band decorated with rhinestones. The breasts and crotch are barely covered by sparkling jewelry. Truly a bonbon, this CANDY.

The next model is totally different: RAYMONDE. Very ladylike, some says madameish. Very severe in apparearence. Completely black, constructed to outline the figure. A wide leather collar around the neck, shoulder long Helena gloves, ultra fine stockings and pumps with 14 cm (5 1/2") needle heels. A smooth, black lace corset with a unique cut on top, it forms a very small waist. Much later you start to pay attention to the lower body sparkling from the stockings. RAYMONDE, a piece of Parisienne chic and elegance.

The next is an explosion in color: RED MARY. A second skin body stocking, pulled in very tight in the waist with a studded belt. Around the neck is a spiked leather collar, while on the hips is a holster for two revolvers which is held in place by a bizarre rope and harness through the crotch and thigh. It is completed with a black Stetson, leather gloves and laced boots with huge, cruel spurs. It is shown by Cora enjoying herself in real wild west style -- with a big bang from her toy gun.

And now another high light. If the audience was usually applauding, now it is absolutely quiet. Someone gasps loudly. Only then, after the first shock, the applause errupts.

CORA appears in front of us as WANDA, all wrapped in fur, which she throws abruptly in front of us after a couple of steps. Then she waits, her hands imperiously on her hips, until the applause starts. A Venus In Furs alive before our worshipping eyes. She stands in front of us: proudly erect, her legs lightly spread, laced black leather calf high boots, with black net tights reaching to the waist, it highlights her thighs, her hips, her stomach and her rear as an arousing eye catcher. Around her waist is a short patent leather corset, very closely fitted. An inch wide band is pulled strictly through her legs and is connected to the front and back of the corset. It cuts deeply into the cleft between her legs. Above the corset, a bra is made from the same patent leather. Its open cups hold her breasts, her nipples pierced and made up. They are presented as arousing fruits of temptation. Around the neck CORA wears a closely fitting leather collar. On her arms are shoulder long leather gloves which fasten at the top with a buckle. Now she moves, takes her right hand off her hip and takes a couple of steps towards us. Her posture is very erect from the corset, and the restriction between her legs. With small, careful steps she turns around, still with a very dominant demeanor. Finally we can see what swings between her legs -- a heavy black leather whip, right between her well rounded cheeks connected to the buckle of her crotch restriction. Never before, not even in our fantasies, has such a mistress appeared...

Then the door opens for the last time. Without a doubt, the grand finale: CORA in her favorite costume, GRAZIA . Magically elegant in a black lace over nude satin corset, incredibly tight, embellished with frilly lace and rows and rows of glittering rhinestones. A luminous tiara sits in her high combed hair. Shoulder long black leather gloves and ultra fine denier tights are worn with stunning pumps with needle heels. Long sparkling earrings and a wide leather collar with dangling rhinestones, and heavy bracelets complete her look. She wears a long pink ostrich boa, very coquettish. Very confidently she promenades in front of us. Deeply impressed we admire the incredible perfection in costume, figure and presentation. For the last time CORA smiles at us as a goodbye, lifts up her glass as a salute, and the unique show is over.

Two wonderful days in September. Paris in the fall will stay unforgettable in our memory. Paris and CORA. Gratefully we thank Her!