This interview was translated by Stephan from the original German. His literal translation has been cleaned up a little which may slightly modify some content. From Club Caprice #4 Circa 1973(?)

The Club Caprice Interview...

by Sylvia, Club Caprice editor

Frankfurt, the metropolitan city in the heart of Germany, between Applewine and Rain-Main airport, Kaiserstrasse and banks. This is where Cora lives, the woman who turn heads of most Club Caprice readers. You could call this suburb a quiet exclusive area. We talked on the phone, so Cora knows why I came. She is willing to give answers and reveal a little more than her admired pictures show. She receives me dressed in a very becoming skin tight black leather dress and guides me into the room. It is hard not to inspect all the dresses, corsets and other implements in the floor to ceiling closets, which make our hostess so desirable.

Sylvia: Since Club Caprice was founded, there is a permanent fixture in every issue, a current photo of Cora. I dont have to give you any compliments, you know how well you are received. The proof is in the incredible amount of fan mail and letters that have you as a topic.

Cora: I will very openly admit I am very happy about this. I am proud that so many friends of the Club admire me and share my preferences.

Sylvia: You know what the reason for that is! Dear Cora, obviously your strength lies in your weakness — the fragile nature of your wasp waist. Is this extraordinary small waist a wonder of nature — certainly with some help — or is it exclusively a result of ongoing discipline that you have submitted to ?

Cora: Both I would say, but believe me, it took me a lot of time to train.

Sylvia: What would you see as the preconditions so that the dream of having such a waist becomes a reality?

Cora: I can only talk about my case. As you can see — besides a delicate bone structure I have a relatively long upper body with a pretty wide distance between the lowest ribs and the pelvis... which is crucial, if you want to train your waist, because right here is where the strongest reduction of the body takes place. And the longer the distance here, the tighter you can lace. But for the perfect corset figure you need a delicate bone structure, so that you can strongly form the thorax through the pressure of the corset downwards towards the wasp waist. Plus, as an emphasized contrast to the waist, well rounded hips.

Sylvia: The word is that you have to start training in early childhood. At what age did you start, and for how long have you been doing it?

Cora: (Laughs) I won't answer this question precisely because everyone could easily calculate my age, and what woman wants that to happen? Let me tell you this much — for around 10 years I have been systematically tightlacing.

Sylvia: How did you come to, let's say, such a hobby?

Cora: Well, just by myself. In my grandparents house I found really old fashion magazines with illustrations of very weird women figures, very upright and oddly thin in the middle. As I searched more I found this strange thing made out of fabric, stiffened by some bones, in a little box. In the middle were some hooks and eyelets and laces. Later I realized it was a corset. My great-grandmother must have worn it. Anyway, I tried it on and it fit quite well. Only around the hips and on top it was a little too big. But the waist was very tight as I pulled the laces until it was closed all the way.

Sylvia: The joys of childhood while searching in the attic! What left you with so much fascination for the corset?

Cora: Well, as I do remember now, I felt this weird feeling for the first time then: an inner attraction and an outer hold, a little bit of compression and stiffness. Very pleasant and somehow arousing.

Sylvia: So you wore corsets as a child ?

Cora: No, this came years later as a teenager. Back then I had a dress with a stiff leather belt. Once, just out of joy, more by chance than intention, I pulled this belt as tight as I could around my waist and suddenly I had the same feeling I had back in my childhood with the corset in the attic. Since then I consciously and systematically started to corset myself.

Sylvia: Where do you get your corsets? You wont be able to buy them in any shop or mall!

Cora: First, as a teenager I ordered them through catalogs. They offered some corsets that even had laces in the back. I always ordered the smallest size and altered them to my requirements. Later I got the addresses of some corset makers, who still manufactured real laced corsets. Custom made to fit perfectly with bones, a busk and eyelets, made from different fabrics as well as leather. There are makers in Paris, London, and the States but also in Germany. I had the luck to find a real specialist, who is probably motivated by their own desires, who fulfills my demands. From the light almost flexible corset for daily use to the slightly longer classic with stiff steel boning that you can wear at night as well, to the the very strict, very tight training corset.

Sylvia: What kind are you wearing right now?

Cora: This one is a easy one, a little bit shorter than one you would use for serious corset discipline. It is stiff enough but it has no busk. It takes a little bit longer putting it on and taking it off. If you want to wear a corset a longer period of time and still be flexible then this kind would be the right one. Its pretty effective and tight, dont you think ?

Sylvia: I like it a lot, excellent. Our readers would like to know another question, how long can you stand it?

Cora: Well, this one just over the weekend, two, three days.

Sylvia: Do you stay tightlaced during the night as well ?

Cora: Yes, at night, too. I have to train again. After the carnival at the beginning of the year I wore my short corset regularly but then I went on vacation and its not possible to go to the beach wearing a corset. I was pretty careless. But thats over now, and soon as the next season with all its commitments starts. I have to get back in shape. As of next week I will wear my short corset regularly in the daytime and in the evening I will take it off and put on a longer, stiffer corset, which will hold me in good form during the night. The first one or two weeks I will leave a couple of centimeters of gap in the back but soon after I will close it all the way and will stay like that for the whole night.

Sylvia: How can you sleep with such a tight, stiff corset on your body?

Cora: Well, in the beginning it is really difficult, but once you get used to it it is okay. It gets really uncomfortable after four to six weeks when I leave my long night corset on during the day as well, and start wearing my training corset on the weekend. This one is incredibly stiff. Basically steel bones next to each other all around the waist and devilishly tight ! At that stage you can easily grab around my waist with two hands. Whatever it takes, until the end of September I have to get back to my waspwaist.

Sylvia: Why by the end of September?

Cora: Well, then the new season of commitments starts.

Sylvia: At your house, Cora?

Cora: No, not at my house, in Paris !

Sylvia: One moment — are you saying you will perform in Paris?

Cora: That's right. We will have a corset show going on for two days. Right next to the Champs Elysees. Mostly private, in a smaller circle.

Sylvia: With you, Cora, as the main model?

Cora: Probably, but there always surprises.

Sylvia: Anyway, good luck.

Cora: Thanks! After that the other commitments will follow like parties, guests, invitations and the carnival. I won't be without a corset, not for one minute.

Sylvia: Is this what makes you happy?

Cora: Certainly. Don't you like it, too, when you receive admiration or worship?

Sylvia: Oh certainly. For sure, its a feminine thing.

Cora: See, I don't really care if I'm an icon, not even for fetishists. Which woman doesn't like being the center of attention?

Sylvia: If I see you like this, I think you're right. I have this question that for a lot of our readers is the most important one: how small will you go?

Cora: I get this question a lot. My waist today, without being laced measures 56 cm ( 22"). The night corset, which I start wearing in the daytime at a certain point as well brings it down to 45 cm (17.75") and all closed goes down to 42cm (16.5"). I will reach this stage in about two months, then I will be in the same form as I was in the beginning of the year. With the training corset, which is extremely strict and tight, brings me down to almost 38sm (15"). But I can't stand that for a whole day, not just yet.

Sylvia: Cora, you say just not yet. Do you have further ambitions ?

Cora: Well, you know once you get started and you already reach a certain level you want to reach more. Its probably the same with athletes. Then it's not only that certain feeling, its ambition as well. I then think of women who got really famous through their wasp waist, for example Catharina from France, the Medici or Anna Held, and then there was Polaire in Paris around the turn of the century. And right now there is Ethel Grainger in Peterborough, England, with the worlds smallest waist. With 13", that is around 33 cm. Fantastic, isn't it?

Sylvia: And this is what you want to reach?

Cora: This would be my dream. But I don't think I exist for only one thing. There are other things in life that keep me away from just caring about corsets. I would have to lace in 5 or 6 cm (2.25") from my now reached minimum. And at this stage of tightlacing, that would be a lot. But it doesnt have to happen next year, or the year after that. We will see...

Sylvia: Now one more question: Do you only like corsets? What you show, and what we see from you, we may assume you have other interests and hobbies?

Cora: Yes, thats' right. I have a pretty big field of interests. From being active to being passive, it depends on my mood and the people that surround me. From leather to rubber to whips and chains. From bizarre costumes with boots and gloves in any length to very strict bondage, from complete hair removal to being totally bronzed. Oh, there is so much...

Sylvia: Maybe we could talk about this another time. For today, Cora, thank you very much.