Wear & Care

Loosen the Laces before you put the corset on or take it off. The busk is much easier to manipulate when the corset is loose. As you hook one stud another may come undone. Use the ones that are done up to pivot the buk to fasten the others. The stud at a tight waistline is often the hardest to fasten or unfasten because the corset is under the most pressure at this point. If you fasten the stud above or below the waist, this will often allow you to deal with the waist stud. If that does not work, continue to loosen the corset, and try again. Do not panic and fight with the busk. The busk is very strong but if significantly bent can lead to premature metal fatigue.

Leave the puller loops at the waistline. Anyone who assists your (un)dressing should know this! The laces always go at the back. The laces should be tightened towards the waist, and any slack pulled through the puller loops. Tie the laces in a simple bow at the back — no tricky knots!

Allow your body time to get used to the sensation of a corset.

Heartburn, burpiness or unease are signals to loosen up!

Treat you corset like it is a vintage evening gown or leather garment. If it is properly taken care of it should not require cleaning. Air it out overnight, lining side out on a towel rack, etc. A thin camisole, etc. worn underneath the corset will help to protect it from perspiration and skin oils. Any spills should be quickly wiped off with a damp cloth. Because of the narrow areas between bone casings, a complete pressing after a washing or dry cleaning is impossible. Cautious care is better than sorry despair.