Extras are optional additions to a corset to suit your tastes. If you don’t see what you want please inquire.

  Corset Shipped* within 3 weeks of full receipt of payment upfront   Add $100.00
  Corset Shipped* within 7 days of full receipt of payment upfront   Double the purchase price
  * Please note that Lovesick Corrective Apparel does not have control of the actual shipping time of an item in transit. If you have paid for rush delivery this has been fulfilled when the item is completed and shipped on or before the rush shipment deadline agreed upon.

Changes Made to Standard Measurements (2 changes, Max)


Add $30.00


Changes Made to Busk Length (+/- 2" )


Add $30.00


Busks 14" + available by special order only


Add $40.00


Piping detail, any style, vinyl or cloth piping


Add $22.00


Leather Piping Detail


Add $35.00


Buckle & Strap Hip Detail (available with leather or vinyl only)


Add $30.00


Laced Hip Detail


Add $30.00


Garment Leather colors other than black


Add $35.00


Patent Leather Trim, Casings


Add $35.00


Contrast Color Leather Trim, Casings


Add $25.00


Patent Leather, complete corset (Add to leather price)


Add $65.00


Boned Back Flap, sewn in or detachable, 7 x 1/2" bones, black coutil


Add $25.00


Boned Back Flap, sewn in or detachable, 7x 1/2" bones, matching brocade or leather


Add $35.00


3/4" or 1" Heavy D-Rings (leather or vinyl styles only)


x2 $5.00
x4 $10.00


Detachable Garters, 3/4" x 7 1/2", Black or White




Detachable garters, 3/4" x 7 1/2", Colors



  1 1/8" Velvet Detachable Garters (will fit into 3/4" detachable tabs)   $14.00/pr
  1 1/8" Silk Garters (will fit into 3/4" detachable tabs)   $12.00/pr
  1 1/8" Leather Ruffle Garters (will fit into 3/4" detachable tabs)   $17.00/pr
  Large Fancy Ribbon Bow or Leather, on pinback, for center front of corset   $30.00
  Large Fancy Bow, Ribbon or Leather, stitched to corset   $22.00
  Small Bows, Ribbon, for garter detail   $2.00 each
  Small Bows, Leather, for garter detail   $3.00 each

Superior Quality Brocade Corset ( Front and Back Patterns Matched)


Add $20.00


Metal tipped corset lace, black or white


b/w $1.00/yd
Colors $1.50/yd


All prices in U.S. Dollars

Shipping Info: All items will be shipped via ExpressPost. This includes a tracking number and insurance. Shipping within Canada for a corset will cost $15.00 and to the U.S.A. will cost $25.00. Extra long corsets may require additional postage. We will ship anywhere the postal service delivers -- please inquire for international destinations.

Payment: Lovesick accepts personal cheques. Goods will not be shipped until these have cleared. Please allow 5 buisness days for local cheques, and up to 21 buisness days for cheques from outside of Canada. Money orders must be for international use if they are sent from outside Canada. Paypal is also accepted.

Alternate Payment: Some items can be used as cash would be. Lovesick is particularly interested in vintage fetish items, particularly footwear, photographs and ephemera. Please contact us if you have an item that may be of interest.