A 30% deposit must be made for work on any item to begin. This deposit is non-refundable.


The balance, including all applicable taxes must be paid in full before the finished garment is released.


Delivery times must be clearly communicated and are subject to approval.


All details including size, color, material and style must be confirmed by the client. Once a confirmation is made, changes to the garment will not be considered.


Outstanding accounts will be considered abandoned after 90 days of inactivity, without a reasonable sum applied to the balance. Items pertaining to this balance become the property of LCA and are subject to sale or destruction.


Goods sold are guaranteed to be as described, and free from defect. In the event of a defective item, it will be repaired or replaced. Items showing obvious signs of abuse will not be considered for replacement.


Wholesale terms are available, but only to those with valid business numbers.


Canadian prices apply only to those with a Canadian address. Otherwise payment is in U.S funds.


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