The Art Gallery of Ontario Shadow Ball was held on October 25th, 2003. The Shadow Ball is a new annual Halloween event at the AGO. This 'fiendishly formal' masquerade ball is a black-tie fundraiser for the gallery. Lovesick joined Comrags, Hoax Couture. Izzy Camileri, Thien Le and other local designers invited to dress models for the event.

The inspiration for our costume was found in photos from of a place identified as Le Valdor (Frankenstein's Castle) — an abandoned 1880's hospital in Belgium (in gallery one, near the top of the photo wheel). The atmosphere of Victorian era decay fused in my imagination with excerpts from Psychopathia Sexualis. I imagined my model Aimee as a reanimated lust murder. The lacing in her neck brace and pants was reminiscent of autopsy sutures, with a glimpse of red below. Her shoes and gloves sparkled with crystal rhinestone blood — was she murdered or murderer? She was an exquisite corpse in dead coloured leather. When anyone asked I simply told them that we were from 'the hospital'. Michael Barker was cast in an unspecified role of potential villainy — was he from the ward as well, in his orthopaedic leather brace like corset, antique jodphurs and bloodstained shirt? Was I a ward or warden? I wore a case history spattered skirt, a non coloured corset with institutional suspenders, but with a necktie of authority. A little corset perched on my head, which seemed only right as it has occupied much of my imagination. Sane or insane? We carried no papers to prove either Declaration.

A gallery of the garments appears below.

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