The devil makes work for idle hands! These will keep any hands occupied and free from trouble. These mitts are scaled to fit by hand width and length. Properly fitting mitts will lace to fit snugly, but with enough length.

All mitts have a leather tongue stitched under the laces for comfort, a 3/4" restraint strap with two D-rings securely rivetted at the wrist, and a 3/4" D-ring at the fingertips. Left and Right are clearly marked.

Options include a padded palm to reduce tactile sensation, and lockable buckles.

Long and Ultra Long Bondage gloves fit like a glove should: smooth and tight. Ask for a quote if you require extra length or arm width.


S = Small (Women's hands)

M = Medium to Large (women's hands, small men's hands)

L = Medium to Large (men's hands)



Heavy Canvas w/lockable Buckle $80.00/pr
Heavy Canvas w/puffy padded palm, lockable buckle $90.00/pr

Unlined Leather, w/Lockable Buckle


Padded Palm

Add $15.00

Leather-lined Mitts w/lockable Buckle


Leather-lined Mitts w/Puffy Palm, and lockable Buckle


Extra width or length (arm)

Ask for Quote